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  • Venue’s rent depends on the day (prices starting from):

– Monday: 1674€

        – Tuesday or Wednesday: 2046€ 

        – Thursday, Friday or Saturday: 2666€

        – Sunday: 1674€

  • The venue rental includes tables (80x180cm) 20 pcs, folding chairs 120 pcs, cloakroom for 120 people, old barrels 8 pcs and some antique furniture. There are also ca. 10 side tables that can be used as buffet tables. The venue rental includes also audio equipment, projector, screen and a lighting system.
  • Rent time starts at 9am and ends at 6am the next morning. Assembling the event as well as taking it down and cleaning should be done during these hours. If the previous or the next days are free in the venue, we are flexible with the rent time, but this is something we can ensure only week before the event.
  • Furniture will be delivered to the lobby of the venue packed in trolleys. You can set the furniture as you like. Furniture should be packed back to the same trolleys after the party. Setting and taking down the furniture can be also ordered from us as a service, price depends on the amount of furniture and guests. It is customers’ duty to collect dishes, bottles, cans and trash after the party as well as sweep the floors with the equipment provided by the venue. Proper cleaning (washing the floors, toilets, etc.) is included in the rent of the venue. We can also take care of the your part of the cleaning with the price of 68,20€/hour. Cleaning will be charged afterwards, with one hour being the minimum charge. Usually one hour is enough for the cleaning, but we advice to budget two hours, just in case.
  • The venue has a big kitchen with multiple fridges, a coffee maker and a kettle, dishwasher, ovens and a heat cabinet. We don’t provide a catering service, so you are free to choose an outside catering company. When requesting an offer from the catering company, remember to ask for dishes, since the venue doesn’t provide any. You are free to bring your own beverages. You can also ask us to request offers from catering services that have worked in the venue often.
  • Let’s customize the event for you! We have the biggest selection of decoration and furniture in Finland, find them at Note, that of products rented to the venue, we give a 20% discount of the prices on the website.

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